Image Optimisation

You may have built a great looking website, marketed it online and even attended the odd trade show for that extra umph…but what about the products and services you sell? How are you putting these across to your customers?

website image optimisation

Don’t let the competition outsell your products! Optimise your images for maximum impact!

A product image is just as important as the description you write to sell it. Your images need to be crisp, clean and in exceptional quality that still loads as quickly as possible. If your larger images are too small, take too long to fully load or are of poor quality ..what will your customers then think of your products and service? Don’t settle for an amuter online business and let CreateClix help sell your products and service to their full potential!

Image Optimisation Service
CreateClix will offer the following to make sure your products and services are being sold to their full potential:

- Research products and services being offered by your website
- Research current image system used by your website (and adjust if needed)
- Contact and retrieve any hi-rez images from any suppliers
- Gather images via other online methods
- Resize and crop images to your current (or new) websites image system
- Watermark images with your logo, name or web address (whichever you prefer)
- File optimise images for faster loading times for your customers/readers

ALL of the above for a standard charge of:

price image opt


image optimisation faq


Q: Is this a one-off payment?

A: You will only pay the £24.95 plus additional £1 per image optimised page. There are no hidden charges and we do not charge on-going weekly or monthly costs.

Example: You require 20 pages image optimised. £24.95 + £20 (an extra £1 for every page) is a total of £44.95

Q: How will you send me the optimised images?

A: We will email you all optimised images and we can also copy them to CD and post them to you, if you prefer (at no extra cost).

Q: How can I pay for the Image Optimisation Service?

A: We accept all major credit cards via PayPal as well as instant PayPal account payment.

Q: Is this payment method secure for me?

A: Yes, very. When you pay any business via PayPal for ‘services’ or ‘items’ you have the right to claim back the money from PayPal if that business has not provided you with the service they described. PayPal is now THE most secure way to pay for services and items online.

Q: How do I keep in touch with you throughout your Image Optimisation service to me?

A: We always stay in touch with our customers via email as we also send any digital services (text adjustments, images, graphics etc.) via email too. Any questions you have can always be emailed to us with quick response (usually within the hour). However, we can always call you instead (whatever suits you) and you can be issued with our contact number for emergency help if you ever need it.

If you have any more questions please feel free to contact us:

We look forward to helping your business succeed online!

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